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These Experts Redefine Effective Performance Management


Enable Group | Nov 30, 2018

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A company is only as successful as its people. Measuring their performance and building a culture of accountability is a critical facet of HR’s role in the organization. How do you measure performance and build a culture of accountability?

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HR WhatNow: Different Strokes For Different Folks: White Collar v Blue Collar

Definition: Stereotypically, White-collar refer to jobs that are performed in an office environment while blue-collar jobs are manual or trade-related labour. Whilst the underlying reason for work may be the same for both sets of employees; higher positional power, higher income, yet the way to manage these 2 groups of employees within the same organization […]

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Over 9 in 10 Singapore employers have trouble hiring talent who can cope with new technologies

Workplace dynamics are rapidly changing around the world as digital transformation takes place. However, more than nine in 10 (93 per cent) Singapore employers say that they find it difficult to train and hire staff to cope with new technologies. #workplace #digital #transformation #newtechnologies #employers #recruit #training #employees #HR #humanresources

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Enable Group | Jan 14, 2019

The Year Ahead For Singapore According To Hays

Top ten talent trends for 2019 in Singapore, according to Hays. #digitalnation #digitalskills #employerbranding #candidatesourcing #HRtrends #humanresources

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