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Experience the Benefits of HR Outsourcing 

At Enable, we understand the importance of optimising business processes to drive productivity and growth. 

Our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to assess your requirements and provide innovative HR solutions that align with your business goals. Whether your aim is to streamline workflows, integrate advanced technologies, or improve communication systems, we will serve as your trusted guide throughout the entire process, ensuring successful implementation. 

When you choose Enable as your preferred vendor for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), you can rest assured in our proven track record of delivering exceptional services and generating tangible results. 

A Pre-Approved PSG Vendor – Up to 50% OFF

The Suite of HR Outsourcing Services Qualified for PSG Support:

  • Monthly Processing of Payroll
  • Single Payrun Processing
  • Online Bank File Generation
  • Preparation of CPF Submission and other Statutory Funds
  • e-Pay Generated Pay Slips
  • Employee Self-Services Access for Pay Slips, Leave and Claims
  • Year-End Tax Submission
  • Submission of Government Paid Leave Reimbursements
  • Payroll Reports Generation in PDF Format, including:
    • Payroll Summary
    • Bank Listing Generation and/or Upload Bank txt file
    • Basic Pay Reconciliation (if required)
    • Cheque, Cash, or On-Hold Listings (if required)
    • Statutory reports and Filing

Enable Consulting is an HR firm that provides support through HR outsourcing services to ensure that your human capital processes at your firm are served in the best interests of the company and are managed at optimal quality.

When using our human resource outsourcing services, we ensure that the services provided are professional and excellent. We create and develop HR models to ensure your firm effectively utilises its personnel to achieve stated objectives.  

Our human resource outsourcing services are consistently maintained for quality checks to ensure that the workforce is operating at a high level of productivity and efficiency per the regulations in Singapore. 

01. Policy Updates

  • We regularly circulate emails to keep management and employees informed of any changes in legislation.
  • We update policies in compliance with employment regulations in Human Resources.

02. Onboarding

  • We support management with advice on employment packages in companies, guiding them to cultivate a more cohesive environment.
  • We generate employment contracts and onboard new hires in companies, ensuring a fuss-free and secure transition for both personnel.
  • We support the implementation of new hire orientation programs in companies, expediting the talent acquisition process. We identify and acquire skilled workers that meet your organisational needs. 

03. Benefits

  • We perform the enrolment and deactivation of benefits services as and when is required.
  • We monitor and track leaves that employees take to ensure that the limit is not exceeded.
  • We manage the reimbursement of claims and the mandatory actions.

04. Payroll

  • We manage payroll administration through our payroll software that is fully automatic, configured and customised to your necessities.
  • We assist with annual increments and bonus exercises that are automatically computed on our platform. 
  • We support statutory leave reimbursements and income tax filing, providing an all-in-one platform for carrying out your business transactions. 

05. Performance Management

  • We manage performance appraisals (as per the client’s existing processes) to set and hit benchmarks.
  • We collate and present performance rating reports for human resources to analyse and formulate necessary adjustments.
  • We manage the promotion process of employees and advise performance pay-outs to ensure levels of satisfaction are met.

06. Learning & Development

  • We outsource training providers (as per the client’s requirements) that provides the best efficiency output.
  • We conduct a needs analysis and extract insights from your business research and development studies.
  • We arrange and sort applications for government funding (e.g., Skills Development Fund) in one easy-access platform.

07. Employee Relations

  • We manage employee disputes and relations to land on an impartial outcome and evade any possibility of escalation of the situation.
  • We handle disciplinary issues, personal grievances and union matters that are delicate with introspection and tact.
  • We provide advisory to management on employee relations issues and the necessary subsequent action that follows.

08. Offboarding

  • We oversee the clearance administration for resignees (e.g., compliance with notice period, computation of salary in lieu of notice, generation of final pay details).
  • We activate electronic HR access (if applicable) when necessary.
  • We update employees’ personnel files for easy access when required.

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