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We conduct HR needs solutions using our consultant to help identify your business’s required human resource frameworks and develop them to achieve business success. Our consultants are highly productive and vigilant in their line of work, and consulting them will ensure that the human resource management in your business is more streamlined.
Our services are delivered by knowledgeable consultants with an abundance of experience to advance the progression of your business. Be in a state of ease as our consultants drive to provide professional results.

HR Policies and Processes

We review the existing Human Resource policies and employment terms to ensure legal compliance with the Singapore law and support assessment of market competitiveness interims of benefits within the agency.

Providing an objective perspective is a value-adding service to obtain measurable results in human resource management.

Job Analysis & Description

We conduct a job analysis study and develop job descriptions accordingly for the respective job family, enabling the hiring process to be more efficient and competent as a consultant.

A flavoursome job description will attract skilled and proficient candidates to fill in the roles in your business, enhancing employee management and productivity output.

Employee Handbook

We develop an employee handbook based on the client’s existing policies or align the client’s existing handbook with current employment regulations in Singapore. 

An employee handbook is essential in ensuring a structure in your business system. We uphold this structure through legislation.

Salary Benchmarking

We conduct a comparative and benchmarking study to assess the competitiveness of the client’s salary structure and recommend an action plan for salary adjustments, consulting with our professionals for the most effective method.

Salary benchmarking ensures employee satisfaction while maximising the client’s financial proceedings, making room to expand on plans and projects in a distant timeline.

Performance Management

We review with our consultants and develop the client’s performance management framework, policies and appraisal forms, and competency framework in view of continuous performance feedback.

Increase the overall productivity within the business and delegate necessary tasks and roles to ensure efficiency output is maximised.

Compensation & Benefits

We review and develop the client’s compensation and benefits framework policies and provide advisory implementation on the required adjustments and salary matrix.

Track employees’ base salaries and bonuses to determine and envision framework policies.


Have a complimentary 30-minute HR Consultancy on us. Simply fill out our form in order to help us understand the current HR processes in your company, and our friendly consultant will contact you within the next 24 hours. 

Small and Medium Enterprises in Singapore looking to outsource HR consultancy services may qualify for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) offered by Enterprise Singapore, covering up to 50% of their cost.

EDG can help companies in Singapore grow and transform themselves. This grant is available to qualified applicants who wish to enhance their business development and invest in projects that will help them upgrade or venture overseas.

The grant supports core capabilities, market access, innovation, and productivity projects. Enterprise Singapore evaluates all projects for their scope, quality, and the competence of their providers.

To qualify, companies must be registered and operating in Singapore, hold a local shareholding of at least 30%, and be financially viable to start the investment.

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Have a complimentary 30 minutes HR Consultancy on us. Simply fill up our form in order to help us understand the current HR processes in your company and our friendly consultant will contact you within the next 24 hours.