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HR WhatNow: The new HR trends


Enable Group | Dec 15, 2021

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With the millennials and 90s kids becoming the largest cohort in the business workforce, employers are in demand of tech-powered ways to recruit, engage and retain this generation of employees.

The trend of machine learning, free-lancing & gig economy, Saas HR tech, and skills will require HR managements to modify, formulate, implement, and evolve their employee engagement strategies

A company relies operations on its workforce. Which is why it essential for the HR professionals to search for the best talents and create a work environment to retain the best.

Here are the new trends that the new generation of employees look out for in an company

Diversity and Inclusion

In a multi-racial, cultural country like Singapore, there is a high chance an organization has a mix of employees belonging to diverse races, ages, genders, orientations, backgrounds. The company need ought to make their employees feel that they belong to together as a unit.

HR managers need to communicate clearly the inclusion and affiliation message, that any employees are encouraged to confidently express their ideas with equity.

Based on interviews a research shows that a cohesive work environment boosts an employee performance up by 56% and decreased turnover by 50%.


Work From Home

The pandemic, now becoming endemic, has re-evolved business paradigms worldwide. This global shift from in-office to remote work puts a higher value on flexible work arrangements.

80% of HR managers in a survey, believed that the move to working remotely has caused less employee absenteeism, since the notion of ‘absenteesim’ has been defined as not ‘physically in an office’ in the past, and ‘not away from work’ where the internet has made it possible for employees to connect to work in any location.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Algorithms such as applicant tracking software (ATS), combined with higher cloud-computing capabilities, can assist HR executives in the recruitment and workflow process. AI & ML systems objectively rely on a merit-based selection and eliminates conscious or unconscious bias.

Creativity in Recruitment

One of the constant challenge of hiring is being able to select and decide on the right kind of talents. In order to do this they will need to adapt creative ways during the recruitment process. Apart from relying on machines, talent acquisition teams should work on more creative ways to attract employees eg. maybe a talent competition in order to attract new hires!

Train with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

With the progress of digital integration, training has now gone into the interaction of VR and AR for employee growth and with virtual hands-on experiences.


Fluid Task Management with Gig Economy

HR executives should make a note that the younger generations prefer work-life balance with flexible schedules. The gig economy, comprising of people who like to work independently, is witnessing a high growth as people are increasingly looking to work within these arrangements.

Employees are opting out of the standard 9-5 work schedule and entering into side hustles to supplement their day jobs. HR practitioners and team leaders must look for new ways to keep their working forces efficient and agile with this changing trend.



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