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HR WhatNow: Managing and enabling older workers with digital transformation


Enable Group | Apr 15, 2021

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The digital transformation has a direct impact in the way that jobs are being created, advertised and looked out for in today’s society. While many worry about the number of opportunities for low technology jobs, the impact of digital transformation on the nature of work already upon us and we have already seen many jobs disappearing due to technology and more are likely to as well in the future.

The population that is most affected by these changes are the aging workforce which inturn creates a problem for companies. The tech and the digital health of our enterprises rely to a great extent on the knowledge and expertise of these older employees, if we lose their engagement, we lose their knowledge. If we lose their knowledge we lose decades of work and insight.

Which means we need to find ways to capture their knowledge and keep them engaged.

Here are a few ways that we may be able to do that and cultivate a culture of learning and advancement.


Using technologies to learn new technologies

Apart from standard classes, companies can setup the classes to be online and compel the employees to learn how to work with new technologies. It offers a hand-on approach while learning to compliment the visual/auditory process.

Link digital transformation to career growth

One of the best ways to encourage older employees to adopt the digital advancement to link to their career growth and goals to their adaptation to the digital transformation landscape.

If their function is senior marketing and is looking to become the CMO, emphasize to them the importance of social media platforms and the analytics of the available data that can in turn increase sales.

If they are a operation manager looking to eventually become head of department, make sure they understand how things like collaboration SaaS tools allows free symbiotic flow of insights and data between departments that will soothing out the operation processes.

Unconventional mentee – mentorship

Another great way to set up cultivate cross learning between new technologies with existential insights is to to create mentorships between the young and old, where both are mentors and mentees with each other. Matching a millennial with a baby boomer with the purpose of cross exchanging their knowledge with each other through the learning process. This will not only make the training engaging but it will also help to break down the generation gap that tend to happen because of the age gaps.

Allow Experimentation

For many older employees, digital transformation requires them to get uncomfortable. By creating an environment and culture where experimentation is encouraged can be a relief those who are willing but apprehensive to the digital landscape. Employees will then feel free to experiment without fearing about making mistakes. Also, employees who are empowered to experiment often discover new and faster ways of doing their work, which will inturn increasing efficiency and productivity.


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