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3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an HR Software


Enable Group | Aug 02, 2022

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Introducing payroll HRMS software into your human resource department is a vital step towards efficient growth. The advantages of having an HR system are obvious: your HR personnel have more time on their hands, the whole company’s growth becomes tangible, and potentially risky areas become more apparent. However, this is only feasible in the best-case scenarios.

Some companies are fortunate enough to pick the best when it comes to their first HR system, whereas for others, it still takes trial and error to find software that fits their HR needs. To make sure the HR software adoption in your company is a success, it is best to be aware of the possible mistakes and pitfalls. With that said, here are 3 of the worst mistakes you should avoid when choosing an HR system in Singapore.

1. Buying an affordable-until-it-isn’t system

This is one of the biggest mistakes companies make when choosing their HR systems – they often fall for the promises of low-priced software that ends up being rather expensive in the long run.

More often than not, HR systems that are way cheaper than their competitors do not provide everything a standard HR software would in one payment. Typically, you must make additional payments to enjoy the features you would have already gotten if you had chosen a more expensive yet comprehensive system.

For instance, when you buy suspiciously affordable software, sign on, input your data, and click over to set up the qualifications management tool, you may notice that this feature is disabled. And if you were to call the sales representative of your vendor, they will likely explain to you that the feature is an additional module you must pay for a certain amount of money. This will likely continue until all the features you need are accessible for a price far greater than if you just bought software that has it all at the outset.

2. Using software that only solves current problems                   

Aside from choosing suspiciously affordable systems that lack all the necessary features, companies often fail to look for HR software that solves not just their past and current problems but also the potential ones. Although this may help solve current issues and ensure present compliance, HR software that only solves current difficulties will most likely immobilise the company when an unexpected future issue arises.

For instance, if your only goal at the moment is to digitalise onboarding and eliminate the double handling of paperwork, you will likely go for an HRMS software that does just exactly that. But what if your shareholders or investors ask for performance reviews in the future? What would you do if they asked you to automate staff management or task delegation? This will undoubtedly force you to buy another software. To avoid double-spending, go for software that already solves both current and future problems.

3. Not paying enough attention to security

HR systems usually handle plenty of personal and financial data. Despite this, many companies take safety practices for granted because they think most vendors are cautious about following standards. However, in reality, not all tools in the market have the same level of storage protection, encryption quality, and data immutability.

To ensure your company data will remain secure with your new HR system, you must do thorough research before sealing the deal. You should find out where the information will be stored once it is deleted, how security issues can be navigated if they appear, and who has the access rights. If your chosen vendor has no response to one of these three critical questions, your company data could end up jeopardised, which means you should definitely look for another vendor to trust.


Successful technology adoption begins with communication and thorough research. By knowing the current and potential HR problems your company is facing and conducting an intensive search for the most comprehensive HR system that has all your needs, you can choose and adopt the HR software that is not just complete and extensive but also quite affordable in the long run. Hopefully, the things mentioned in this article already gave you some ideas about mistakes to avoid when choosing HR software.

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