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The Importance of Having the Right HR Consultancy Partner


Enable Group | Nov 30, 2023

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Most, if not all, businesses have plans for growth. As companies scale up, even those that have the most capable human resource (HR) departments can benefit from partnering with an external HR outsourcing firm in Singapore. Why is this so? This is because the bigger a company is, the more complicated its HR needs become. As such, it is important for companies to partner with someone who can provide them with the HR expertise they need for continued growth.

That is where the importance of HR consultancy comes in. When your company works with an HR consultancy partner, you will have access to a multitude of industry knowledge and practical experience. Your HR consultant can essentially help bridge the gap in your current HR team. To better understand this, read on as this article lists down the benefits of having an HR consultancy partner as well as the essential qualities you should look for in an HR consultant.

The Benefits of Having the Right HR Consultancy Partner

1. Communicating your mission to the team 

To achieve your HR objectives, it is important to communicate all your values and aims to the rest of the HR team, and HR consultants are skilled at exactly doing this. They are good at communicating a message to teams, whether on one-on-one exchanges or in larger group seminars. Communications related to your mission can be supported by your HR consultancy partner. They can also obtain input during staff conferences, and inform you about how the team is feeling at the moment.

2. Building standard HR operating procedures 

Most HR consultants have diverse and extensive professional backgrounds. They understand compliance standards quite well and are knowledgeable when it comes to industry best practices. If you think you need assistance in creating your company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), you can easily map them with the aid of a trusted HR consultancy partner. With their guidance, you may also be able to detect any problems with your current SOPs. For instance, your consultant may be able to recommend changes if your present SOPs are out of date. 

3. Upskilling and expanding the HR team

The in-house HR staff you now have can benefit from some of the information that your strategic or operational HR consultant can impart. This is an excellent approach to augmenting your employees’ skill set and giving your team a boost. Your human capital strategy needs to have specific objectives when analysing any form of internal training setup. To achieve these objectives, you must figure out what kind of HR skills will be necessary, and a reliable HR consultancy partner can assist you with this.

4. Offering expert HR insights

HR consultants can assist you in many unexpected ways. They usually approach every problem with a new perspective and are quite knowledgeable about successful solutions that have worked for other businesses. An HR consultancy partner on-call can guide you on hiring procedures, overall rewards plan, audits for compliance, infrastructure for training and development, and communication with employees. When you outsource HR services, be sure to maximise your consultant’s expertise and insights, and your HR department will surely become more efficient. 

Qualities to Look for in Your HR Consultancy Partner 

1. Industry Relevance: Your HR consultancy partner must have the expertise and previous experience in the industry your company belongs to and with organisations of similar size. This ensures that they can provide you with good insights and successful solutions to all your HR concerns.

2. Expertise: HR consultancy partners are usually responsible for providing extensive and expert services in different areas, such as employment relations, HR strategy, coaching and leadership, and other related fields. As such, it is only necessary for your outsourced HR consultant to be an expert in these areas. 

3. Honesty: A good HR consultancy partner is, above all, honest. They will not just reiterate and adhere to your company’s current practices. Instead, they will inform you of what needs to be changed within your organisation to truly address pertinent issues. 

4. Insightfulness: Because HR consultants are tasked to provide insights into several different areas of concern, they need to demonstrate a track record of seeing fresh perspectives, client opportunities, and internal difficulties. Insightfulness is a key trait of an effective HR consultancy partner. 


Hiring an outsourced HR consultant can bring numerous positive changes to your business, such as improving your team communication, facilitating the creation of your SOPs, upskilling and expanding your HR team, and delivering expert insights on various HR concerns. However, to truly experience these benefits, it is important to hire an HR consultancy partner who has all the qualities of an effective and efficient consultant, namely industry relevance, expertise, honesty, and insightfulness. When you have the right HR consultancy partner, business growth will surely be a lot easier!

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