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Microlearning: 5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider It

There are so many different ways we can learn. That’s a good thing because participants can find a learning method that they connect with. I also understand it’s difficult from a corporate learning perspective because how do you justify the time and resources to create all these different learning methods. http://www.humanresourcestoday.com/?open-article-id=9193181&article-title=microlearning–5-reasons-your-company-should-consider-it&blog-domain=hrbartender.com&blog-title=hr-bartender #humanresource #hrsolutions #hr #hrconsulting […]
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The Learning Continuum: HR’s role in future-proofing the workforce

With a burgeoning trend of technology usage in the recent years, it is of utmost importance that one takes initiatives to keep himself or herself updated with the latest technology trends. Additionally, it is imperative that Human Resources incorporate technology in its services to encourage more learning and development. https://www.humanresourcesonline.net/features/the-learning-continuum-hrs-role-in-future-proofing-the-workforce/ #enableconsulting #hrconsulting #hrprovider #humanresources #digitaltransformation […]
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