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Enable Consulting Singapore is an HR firm that provides support through HR outsourcing services to ensure that your human capital processes at your firm are served in the best interests of the company and are managed at optimal quality.
When using our outsourcing services, we ensure that the services provided are professional and excellent. We create and develop HR models to ensure that your firm effectively utilises its personnel to achieve stated objectives.
Our human resource outsources services are consistently maintained for quality checks to ensure that the workforce is operating at a high level of productivity and efficiency.
Outsource HR Services Singapore
  • We regularly circulate emails to keep management and employees informed of any changes in legislation.

  • We update policies in compliance with employment regulations in human resources.

  • We annually update the employee handbook to ensure that guidelines and regulations are in place and met.
  • We oversee the clearance administration for resignees (e.g., compliance with notice period, computation of salary in lieu of notice, generation of final pay details).

  • We activate electronic HR access (if applicable) when necessary.

  • We update employees’ personnel files for easy access when required.
Outsource Payroll Services Singapore
  • We perform the enrolment and deactivation of benefits services as and when is required.

  • We monitor and track leaves that employees take to ensure that the limit is not exceeded.

  • We manage the reimbursement of claims and the mandatory actions.
Payroll Outsourcing Services Singapore

  • We manage performance appraisals (as per the client’s existing processes) to set and hit benchmarks.

  • We collate and present performance rating reports for human resources to analyse and formulate necessary adjustments.

  • We manage the promotion process of employees and advise performance pay-outs to ensure levels of satisfaction are met.
  • We outsource training providers (as per the client’s requirements) that provides the best efficiency output.

  • We conduct a needs analysis and extract insights from your business research and development studies.

  • We arrange and sort applications for government funding (e.g., Skills Development Fund) in one easy-access platform.
  • We manage payroll administration through our payroll software that is fully automatic, configured and customised to your necessities.

  • We assist with annual increments and bonus exercises automatically calculated on our platform.

  • We support income tax filing and statutory leave reimbursements in Singapore, providing an all-in-one platform for carrying out your business transactions.
  • We manage employee disputes and relations to land on an impartial outcome and evade any possibility of escalation of the situation.

  • We handle disciplinary issues, personal grievances and union matters that are delicate with introspection and tact.

  • We provide advisory to management on employee relations issues and the necessary subsequent action that follows.
  • We support management with advice on employment packages in companies, guiding them to cultivate a more cohesive environment.

  • We generate employment contracts and onboard new hires in companies, ensuring a fuss-free and secure transition for both personnel.

  • We support new hire orientation programs implementation in companies, expediting the talent acquisition process. We identify and acquire skilled workers that meet your organisational needs.

Basic Payroll Outsourcing

Select Headcount
*Starting From
Full Name*
Company Name*
Company Adress*
Payroll Processing Scope
Initial Set Up
  • Configure master payroll elements in payroll management system
  • Payroll parallel run – 01 month if required
  • Test run with client’s corporate banking facility
  • Registration with CPF/FWL, NS Portal, IRAS (if required)
Monthly Processing
  • Send new hire/resignees notification and ad hoc payments to Enable Consulting.
  • Check new hires entries to ensure all payroll related fields are entered.
  • Salary pro-ration (relating to new joiners, resignees, pay changes)
  • Execute basic pay, allowances, deductions
  • Generate pay slips (via e-Pay)
  • Prepare mandatory CPF submissions plus related standard statutory funds such as SDL, CDAC, SINDA, MBF, and ECF.
  • Generate one standard set of payroll reports (PDF Format)
  • Payroll summary
  • Generate bank listing and / or upload bank txt file (based on 01 pay run per month*)
  • Basic pay reconciliation (if required)
  • Cheque, cash, or on-hold listings (if required)
  • CPF detail reports and upload text files.
Also inclusive of the following ad hoc services (if required):
  • Compute back payments and adjustments for new hires
  • Compute back payments for employees, for period affecting one-month prior before current payroll month.
  • Computation of CPF Additional Wage capping
  • Computation of resigning employee’s payment
Annual Processing
  • Processing of bonus payment
  • Preparation and submission of IR8A, IR8S
  • Generation of IR8A via e-Pay
Note: Notification of new hires and resignees must be given in Enable Consulting’s Excel template.For variable payments such as overtime, bonus and sales commission, the hours, bonus amount or commission payable must be provided.Separate charges apply for IR21 & Appendixes filing.

Full HR Outsourcing

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Full Name*
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Recruitment Support & New Hire Administration
  • Recommend job description template.
  • Advertise the position in online job portal*
  • Screen and shortlist suitable candidates.
  • Provides advisory support to Management on employment package
  • Generation of employment contracts
  • Facilitate signing of employment contracts
  • Briefing of new employees in terms of orientation if any
*All job advertisement and incidental costs such as headhunting fees are to be borne by client. Resignees Administration • Provides advisory support on resignees’ final settlement of employment terms (e.g.: compliance with notice period, computation of salary in-lieu of notice and generation of final pay details) • Remits instruction to payroll team to process resignees’ payments and tax filing HR Operations Support
  • Supports Management in terms of HR policies related memos, notices.
  • Maintenance of e-Personnel file (if required)
  • Provide payroll with staff movement & benefits instructions for monthly payroll processing
  • Advisory support for learning and development needs.
Benefits Administration
  • Supports benefits enrolment with benefits providers (if necessary) and provides advisory support on benefits selection.
Performance and Salary Administration
  • Supports and rollout Performance Management process to all employees based on current appraisal process.
  • Supports and manages annual increment (based on performance ratings) and bonus exercise based on management budget and performances including letters and memos
Policy Updates and Audit support
  • Updates Management if there is any change in HR regulations for Singapore.
  • Support Audit queries when necessary.

It is important to outsource HR services in Singapore as your HR department may not have the sufficient in-house expertise to resolve issues faced by the company. During those situations, companies can consider outsourcing those functions to a third-party service provider instead of going through the hassle of hiring.

Some common HR functions that companies outsource frequently include; benefits administration, employee onboarding, employee relations, and employee wellbeing. These functions are delegated to HR outsourcing companies in Singapore because of the lower cost of keeping these functions in-house.

To start determining whether to outsource your HR functions is to first weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The advantages of HR outsourcing in Singapore includes time and cost savings, increased efficiency of the HR team, and increased focus on your company’s core activities, on top of that, outsourced vendors will have a full suite of expertise & knowledge to support all aspects of HR. Also, external vendor tends to be held accountable to commercial contracts more than employment agreement.

Disadvantages of outsourcing HR functions may include a reduction in internal knowledge about critical HR matters and a lack of accountability for critical HR functions.

There are many reasons why companies outsource their HR functions, but the common reason is to focus on key competencies while leaving non-essential tasks to HR outsourcing firms in Singapore.

In today’s competitive market, every company has to be agile and quick in responding to changes and challenges. Due to ever-changing regulations and compliance requirements, it is difficult for HR teams to keep up with everything.

HR outsourcing helps companies focus on their core activities and allows for a more strategic focus. Another reason for outsourcing HR is to get access to a broader range of specialised HR services and capabilities.

In selecting the services of HR outsourcing companies in Singapore, you have to consider the experience, expertise and current client type similar to you. At Enable Consulting, we have the portfolio as well as the necessary competencies to handle most situations for local SME companies.

We work with you to understand your HR needs and develop a solution that meets them. We also help you retain an expert knowledge of your HR policies and procedures so that you can meet any future needs you may have.