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Scalability: Ways HR Can Drive Greater Business Value


Enable Group | Jun 01, 2022

For Employers ● 2 min read

The role of HR has seen immense pressure to propel into the future. In recent years, organisations have witnessed HR being pulled as both a hero and a villain. These individuals helped businesses move entirely to virtual environments by following new rules that they had to learn quickly.

On the positive side, these events paved the way for HR to prove that it has a clear-cut business value. With the help of companies who outsource HR services in Singapore, the recent happenings also allowed them to reflect and reinvent their roles. Here are five ways human resources can contribute more value to your business.

1. Large-scale plans 

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many challenges, which can be overwhelming given their diversity – demographic changes, skills gaps in different environments, and economies’ volatile nature. HR can create an an exciting future if they start thinking of large-scale plans to add value to their businesses by helping organisations think through effects that arise from changing work shapes.

2. Adjust to the new flow of the workforce

The workforce is going to operate very differently after a pandemic. One way HR will be able to accommodate these changes is by redesigning models of the workforce and learning how to incorporate those models. In addition, handling office-based employees with remote employees can be complex when organising and managing the workforce.

3. Think innovatively

Innovative thinking is an essential trait for HR personnel. It helps to achieve efficiency in the workforce by delivering a positive employee experience, developing tailored strategies for employees, and enabling employee productivity for a connected and dispersed workforce. HR must reimagine how they attract, retain, engage, and develop talents to implement this.

4. Handle the different expectations

With the world changing, HR needs to understand modern employees and their expectations. This workforce now expects their work experience to look like consumer experiences. Hence, HR should consider employee experience as the backbone of its digital transformation strategy.

5. Look for ways to handle the technology and data puzzle

To resolve this, HR must be aware of the gap between the solutions deployed for HR activities and those tools that employees need to improve. They also have to be mindful of certain skills required to yield good results. Recognising all these factors will promote prioritisation – which would lead back towards business, benefiting productivity and performance by employees and happiness levels among them.


The new normal of large, quick recurring skills gap means reskilling efforts must be effective – and HR has the power to act quickly and drive real business value in times of need. If you’re looking for an HR outsourcing agency that can help you with services such as deploying  payroll software in Singapore, Enable Consulting is here to help. We are a specialised HR solutions provider for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Recurring skills gaps in quick times mean reskilling efforts need to be effective. The HR department has the power and authority to act quickly and drive real business value during these periods of need.

If you are looking for an outsourcing agency that can help with services such as managing payroll software in Singapore, Enable Consulting is here to support you. We specialise in providing our clients with HR solutions to boost your business while making it a smooth process.

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