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    The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports SMEs that are keen to improve their productivity by adopting pre-approved IT solutions to enhance business processes. The PSG supports pre-approved software solutions which include the software license subscription, system setup, data migration and training.

    Suite of Outsourcing Services Qualified for PSG support:
    • Monthly Processing of Payroll
    • Single Payrun Processing
    • Online Bank File Generation
    • Preparation of CPF Submission and other Statutory Funds
    • e-Pay Generated Pay Slips
    • Employee Self-Services Access for Pay Slips, Leave and Claims
    • Year-End IR8A Submission
    • Submission of Government Paid Leave Reimbursements
    • Payroll Reports Generation in PDF Format, including;
      • Payroll Summary
      • Bank Listing Generation and/or Upload Bank txt file
      • Basic Pay Reconciliation (if required)
      • Cheque, Cash, or On-Hold Listings (if required)
      • CPF Detail Reports and Upload txt file