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HR WhatNow: Why Would Cultural & Job Fit Matter?

Enable Group | Feb 10, 2021

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What’s exactly “cultural fit” and “job fit” anyway?

Simply put it means finding the employees who not only believe in what the company is doing, but also share a similar outlook and attitude with their future colleagues. And why would that be important? Just imagine managing a group of people who are disgruntled because they are against each other, every workday. Not only will be that be much additional stress, it is counterproductive for the company.

If it is so important, here are a few guides that we have highlighted that may help you along the way.

Defining Your Workplace Culture

Before you can hire for culture, you must first define it. What are your company’s values? What are the behaviors, attitudes and mindsets that makes your team work cohesively and produce the best results.

If you have a challenge in identifying your culture or are looking to revamp it, external consultants like Enable can offer the perspectives you need. Often, an outsider sees things you miss and can help you develop the type of environment that attracts the individuals you’re seeking.

People care about their work environment. They want to be part of dynamic, supportive organizations that stand for well-defined missions. Recent studies show that many professionals would consider taking lower salaries to work at companies known for their great cultures.

Use Structured Interviews during hiring

Structured interviews can be a good way to help assess cultural for alongside value assessments. Here are some questions that can help determine culture fit in an interview:

  • What type of culture do you thrive in? (Does the response reflect your organisation culture?)
  • What values are you drawn to, and what’s your ideal workplace?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What best practices would you bring with you from another organisation? Do you see yourself being able to implement these best practices in our environment? How?
  • Tell me about a time when you worked with an organisation where you felt you did not fit well with their culture. What made you feel this way? What did you do after you discovered it?

Support success after on-boarding

Just because your new hire seems like a great fit doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to help them transit into their new workplace environment. Today’s best employers have developed on-boarding processes that enable new people to transition smoothly beyond a tour that shows where they will park, work and find the restroom.

Be sure to bring your new person up to speed on company goals and the objectives, etc. that specifically relate to their position. You may have covered some of that during the hiring process, but now is the time to reiterate key points or provide additional details. Top-performing employees are those who understand the big picture and how their role contributes to organizational success.

Over the years…

As an agency providing HR consultation, we have addressed this subject many times for our clients and more importantly we have also walked the talk by adopting best-in-class practices internally. If you are facing this issue, please reach out for a non-obligatory chat here.


Established in 2013, enable Consulting is a specialised HR solutions provider for small and medium-sized enterprises.

We believe that having a strong and robust HR function is a key driver for continuous growth in any successful business. It is on this belief that we have built many successful partnerships with clients across different industries.

We are a people business and it is our talent pool that defines us. Each and every one of our consultants is highly professional with many years of experience in HR management and services.

Our Consultants are PMC certified to further be able to help local SMEs improve and optimise their HR operational efficiency through Singapore Grants. enable is about offering affordable, high value adding solutions to improve business performance; while at the same time nurturing and inspiring a fair and respectful working environment. But above all, enable is about enabling you.

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