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HR WhatNow: Human Resource Value Proposition as the driver to business growth


Enable Group | Jun 15, 2021

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Many organizations put in resources to gain a competitive advantage in the market.  Purchasing of advance equipments and new technologies, revamping their marketing strategies, polishing their customer services and many other departments can help build up those advantages. However, human resource is still the key factor that determines the success or failure of the company.

After all these years of providing hr consulting services for small business, we have clearly seen a fact that while machines possess greater computational powress, HR consist of experience, knowledge, skills, creativity and motivation that the machines do not.

Without a strong human resource, the daily business function will not be done well and regardless of the advanced equipment or technologies, their ability cannot replace the most valuable aspect of human resource.

Skills & Knowledge

Workers with skills and and in-depth know-how on how the company operates are difficult to find and even harder to replace. Because their value exceeds more than their technical skills, but also other capabilities that includes training and development programs, experiences in their fields, understanding companies’ cultures, work processes and systems.

Usually their salaries are not the true measure of the value that they bring to the company, considering that knowledge or creative ideas are abstract. These are intangibles and is too difficult to be measured in terms of money.


In one of the projects where we were providing HR management consultation for a mid-sized company with regional prescence, the top management were concerned that their employees were too comfortable in their own scope of work and that few of them were innovating the way that they were working.

The truth is, even at a local level, in order for companies to thrive competitively, creativity needs to occur in every department at every level. Leaders needs to bring out the best in employees and recognize that that the organizations is only as rich as the quality of their employees’ ideas. We should also note that most people can only be as creative as they are encouraged to be.

Employees only use their creativity at work, however, when they feel comfortable introducing new ideas and asking questions. Only corporate cultures that embrace innovation will see it flourish among employees.


The nature of the employees will surfaceout and eventually represent the basis of a company. Employees who are motivated to innovate and do a better job will form a company that is innovative and competitive.

Satisfied employees create positive references to their employer and in-turn increase attractiveness for talented job seekers who can strengthen the competitive position in the market.

Unfortunately, upper management of a company usually do not know the opinions of their own employees or are unable to get the true sentiment of it, this is where external hr management consultants like Enable plays a role. Being a neutral party, external consultants  can anonymize the feedback and provide a truthful aggregated situation.

When an employee resigns, feeling that work lacks challenge and satisfaction, what they mean is that the is no longer able to provide opportunities for them to optimise or refine their talents. When an employee leave for higher wages, what they are saying is that that their employer does not value  their talent as much as the new company does or is able to offer what their talent truly commands.


Established in 2013, enable Consulting is a specialised hr consulting firm.

We believe that having a strong and robust HR function is a key driver for continuous growth in any successful business. It is on this belief that we have built many successful partnerships with clients across different industries.

We are a people business and it is our talent pool that defines us. Each and every one of our consultants is highly professional with many years of experience in HR management consulting and services.

Our Consultants are PMC certified to further be able to help local SMEs improve and optimise their HR operational efficiency through Singapore Grants. enable is about offering affordable, high value adding solutions to improve business performance; while at the same time nurturing and inspiring a fair and respectful working environment. But above all, enable is about enabling you.

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