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HR Whatnow: Working During A Pandemic?

As featured in Talking Point 2020/2021 EP 24 On 8th October 2020, Singapore’s national program “Talking Point” touched on the workforce going back to work at their workplaces. Having said that, there are still many strict safe distancing rules like split team arrangement, controlled access and one metre safe distancing. Our Director & Partner Consultant […]
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HR Whatnow : Minimum Wages

The Pros, The Cons & The Trade-offs 3 weeks ago, when the Ministry of Manpower announced its implementation of an enhanced minimum wage for foreign workers across the sectors, there was a mix of reactions on whether this is the solution for the Singapore workforce. The textbook definition of minimum wages is explained with “the […]
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Don’t Act Like The Old: The Evolution of Human Resources Department

The main objective of Human Resources is not just to hire, fire or develop employees. Nowadays, the roles of Human Resources have evolved to include attraction and retention of talents and also engaging the employees. http://www.hrinasia.com/recruitment/dont-act-like-the-old-the-evolution-of-human-resource-department/ #enableconsulting #hrconsulting #hrprovider #humanresources #employees #attraction #retention
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