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4 Obvious Signs That Your Company’s HR Department Is Failing


Enable Group | Nov 23, 2022

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Usually, when there is a problem in the workplace, employees are directed to the human resources (HR) department. One of the most important functions of the HR department is to make sure that all employees are healthy, safe, and satisfied with their jobs through effective and organised HR policies. Although HR outsourcing services in Singapore are already becoming quite prominent, a lot of companies still choose to maintain an in-house HR team.

However, turning to the HR department may not always be the best option for employees and may exacerbate problems. This is especially true if your company’s HR department is ineffective. If you are unsure whether your HR team is carrying out its functions efficiently, here are 4 of the most obvious signs that your HR department is failing in its responsibility.

1. Your employees do not trust the HR department

As mentioned earlier, among the most vital functions of the HR department is to ensure that all employees are healthy, safe, and satisfied. Hence, it is crucial for the HR department to have good relations with the employees. If your employees are reluctant to take their concerns to HR because they are afraid that it will not help their situation or may make matters worse, there is undoubtedly an issue with your HR team.

When your employees have no trust in the HR department, it is an obvious indication that the daily behaviours on the part of the HR personnel that establish trust are not in place. In such a case, your HR staff will need to enforce serious changes to their procedures and policies so that they can patch up their reputation with the employees.

2. Performance appraisal is inconsistent

Performance appraisal systems are established and enforced to measure and reward employees’ outstanding performance and monitor situations where employees are underperforming. However, if your company’s performance appraisal system is applied inconsistently, it loses its prominence and efficacy. Furthermore, it shows incompetence on the part of the HR team, whose functions include managing employee performance. 

3. Other departments perform HR tasks 

Your company’s HR department is also clearly failing if employees from other departments find themselves doing tasks, such as writing their own job descriptions without HR input, formulating policies and procedures without HR guidance, and constantly correcting HR mistakes. In such a case, significant adjustments must be made to the HR department, like clarifying the duties of the HR team and hiring more HR staff.

4. Employee turnover is high

Most of the time, employees do not leave bad jobs but bad managers. Nonetheless, the effective functioning of the HR department can do so much to prompt managers to perform well through their direct reports. When employees leave the company in droves, the HR team must investigate the working conditions that are possibly causing workers to want to leave and address them. Otherwise, the ineffectiveness of HR will only encourage more people to look for alternative employment opportunities.


A well-run HR department can make a huge, positive difference to your business. It can help avoid legal issues, improve finances, and make employees feel more comfortable, productive, and valued. As such, it is necessary to ensure that your company’s HR team is working effectively and not failing in their duties. If you notice any of the signs mentioned in this article, it is perhaps time to make significant changes to your HR department.

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