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HR Whatnow: Working During A Pandemic?

As featured in Talking Point 2020/2021 EP 24

On 8th October 2020, Singapore’s national program “Talking Point” touched on the workforce going back to work at their workplaces. Having said that, there are still many strict safe distancing rules like split team arrangement, controlled access and one metre safe distancing.

Our Director & Partner Consultant of Enable Consulting, Ms Joerin Yao, was invited to one of segments in the 22 minutes long program with one of our clients to touch on some of the issues and share her expertise and insights around employee productivity and employer perspective.

Here is the video and some of the key highlights of the segment:

The interviewed client- Avallis Financial have shared that there many online platforms currently in the market that help to substitute the way engagements can be done other than meeting in person.

Joerin was also asked about her insights on the surveys conducted in the market where employees have expressed heightened productivity gained by working from home. Perhaps there is a need to conducting surveys with the same group of employers to determine if that is their observations as well. As many employers have reflected that they are hoping to have their employees back to office.

Despite the better alternatives, there are many inefficiencies felt during operations such as not being able to observe the non-verbal cues, feel the person level of engagement and energy during the conversations. There are some challenges reflected of not being to have spontaneous problem solving sessions. And having to always check if the colleague is available to speak when everyone is remote. Also comes the subtle discrepancies between employer & employees such as level of trust, perception between what is considered higher productivity & efficiency.

What can be done, if you are also in this situation:

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