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Month: June 2019

Why Aren’t There More Women in Tech?

Worldwide, the technology industry is dominated by men. Although there are notable leading female faces in the tech sector, in the technology industry specifically, female representation decreases as you look up the corporate ladder. Why is this so? https://www.nextgeneration.ie/blog/2018/08/why-arent-there-more-women-in-tech #technology #imbalance #gender #stereotypes #male-dominated #humanresources #HR https://www.nextgeneration.ie/blog/2018/08/why-arent-there-more-women-in-tech
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Take a look inside an Amazon Air Boeing 737, the latest weapon in Jeff Bezos’ master plan to win the delivery wars

Today, urban online shoppers can expect deliveries just a few hours after placing an order. In more rural areas, retailers are exploring new options to deliver packages more efficiently and economically. Although, overall satisfaction with online shopping is high, satisfaction levels drop when customers are faced with today’s delivery options. Whether it’s delivery date flexibility, […]
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How to succeed in a new job

You’ve gotten a new job… So, what can you do to ensure you keep that job and are viewed in a successful manner? What you most need to remember is that the first few months on your new job really create the impressions people will have of you. So, make those first few months really […]
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Retrenched in Singapore — How to Deal with the Emotions

According to a recent Straits Times article, retrenchments in Singapore rose in the first quarter of 2019. The number of retrenched employees was 3,230 and higher than a year ago. The retrenched employees were mainly from electronics, services industries, wholesale trade, transportation and storage. And the main reasons cited by establishments for retrenchments were restructuring […]
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Thousands of people are calling on Japan to ban employers from requiring women to wear high heels in the workplace

Wearing high heels may be fashionable and make you feel taller, confident and sexier. It’s the gold standard in women’s footwear for everything from the board room to the red carpet. High-heeled shoes can cause a plethora of foot problems while impairing stability and increasing the risk of injury. Leg, back, and foot pain are […]
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