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Month: November 2018

These Experts Redefine Effective Performance Management

A company is only as successful as its people. Measuring their performance and building a culture of accountability is a critical facet of HR’s role in the organization. How do you measure performance and build a culture of accountability? http://www.humanresourcestoday.com/?open-article-id=9305827&article-title=these-experts-redefine-effective-performance-management&blog-domain=15five.com&blog-title=15five #hr #humanresources #hrsolutions #accountability #performancemanagement #hrm #culturedevelopment
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Avoid Time & Attendance Issues When Hiring New Employees

When hiring, you want your systems to help everyone succeed. Don’t lose time worrying about whether your new employees are up to speed on tracking their time worked, or following basic processes. Rely on a flexible time & attendance system that’s easy to use, and helps simplify scheduling and time tracking. http://www.humanresourcestoday.com/?open-article-id=9302780&article-title=avoid-time—attendance-issues-when-hiring-new-employees&blog-domain=nettimesolutions.com&blog-title=nettime-solutions #humanresources #hrsolutions #flexibles […]
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You Owe Yourself a Career Development Action Plan

Succeeding in a demanding, changing workplace requires a strategic career management plan. Employers want to attract, hire and retain employees who provide the best value. So consider yourself a business with a product to sell, and create a strategy for marketing your workplace value. https://www.thebalancecareers.com/improving-career-development-4058289 #hr #humanresources #hrm #hrsoulutions #careerdevelopment #actionplan #careergrowth #developmentopportunities #careerpath
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Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is indisputably one of the main priorities in HR management given the growing struggle to find the best employees. This is why companies tend to invest more and more resources to select and hire the best talent in the market. http://www.glocalthinking.com/en/welcome-onboard/ A comprehensive onboarding module to control all aspects of welcoming, incorporating and […]
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Microlearning: 5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider It

There are so many different ways we can learn. That’s a good thing because participants can find a learning method that they connect with. I also understand it’s difficult from a corporate learning perspective because how do you justify the time and resources to create all these different learning methods. http://www.humanresourcestoday.com/?open-article-id=9193181&article-title=microlearning–5-reasons-your-company-should-consider-it&blog-domain=hrbartender.com&blog-title=hr-bartender #humanresource #hrsolutions #hr #hrconsulting […]
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Don’t Act Like The Old: The Evolution of Human Resources Department

The main objective of Human Resources is not just to hire, fire or develop employees. Nowadays, the roles of Human Resources have evolved to include attraction and retention of talents and also engaging the employees. http://www.hrinasia.com/recruitment/dont-act-like-the-old-the-evolution-of-human-resource-department/ #enableconsulting #hrconsulting #hrprovider #humanresources #employees #attraction #retention
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